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I am participating in the exhibition "Fujinoyama Biennale 2020" from 24th October to 23th November, which takes place in 3 cities; Fuji, Fujinomiya and Shizuoka.
I will show my new installation piece using texts and a change in temperature in the space which is an old wooden house built in 160 years ago.

LICC 2019 Winner Interview

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The interview Ryo Shimizu, Winner of the Artist of the Year title at LICC in 2019 has been launched.

“While letters create points of contact with others, they also have the hidden potential of dividing. I am interested in this ambiguity of letters.”⁣

To access the whole interview you will find the link.

group show “Drawings 16 Artists”

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I am participating in the group show "Drawings 16 Artists" starting from 10th June to 30th August at LOKO GALLERY in Daikanyama, Tokyo. This exhibition is the “Drawing Exhibition” of the work of 16 artists.
I will show two types of five new works. One is "thermochromic drawing" that the color will change depending on the air temperature, and the other is "suminawa(inking lines)" that the drawing using a volcanic charcoal 3,200 years ago(Jomon era).

Participating Artists(random order)

- Masahiro Wada
- Yuka MORI
- Chie KODA
- Todo
- Sequoyah AONO
- Yusuke ABE
- Akira KAMO
- Narumi SASAKI
- Ville Andersson
- Tomohiro NAGAHATA
- Masahiro SATSUKA
- Seigo AOKI

Drawings 16 Artists

DATE: 2020-07-10 [Fri] - 2020-08-30 [Sun]
OPEN TIME: 11:00-19:00
CLOSE DAY: Sun (by appointment only), Mon and National holidays

2020 Exhibition information

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Date: 2020.10.24.(sun) -11.23(mon)
Site(The place to exhibit in Shimizu’s work): Koyasumi Honjin Tokiwa-house, Fuji, Shizuoka

“Cliff Edge Project|The dynamic mountains and rivers”
Date: 2020.8.30(sun)-the date extended to 2021.2.
Site(The place to exhibit in Shimizu’s work): Izu City Museum
URL: https://shizuoka-ac.org/program/det?id=5386&language=fr

The LICC Artist of the Year 2019

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My projects of "altering letters" has been awarded the “Artist of the Year” of the London International Creative Competition 2019.

My website has recently been renewed.

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My website has recently been renewed with a refreshed design.
The website was designed to be easy to understand and read for viewer to lean about my projects well.
It also supports smartphones and tablet devices.

I will continue to improve the contents our our website.
Please enjoy the new website with new content added.

interview : kaokoma.com

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Solo show “something about a room not having a floor”

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I am having a solo show starting from 1st to 28th March at HIRO GALLERY IZUOKAWA in Higashiizu cho, Shizuoka prefecture.This exhibition is participating in a new launched art magazine “is,” which focuses on the nature, people and culture in the entire Izu region.
The title for this exhibition, “something about a room not having a floor” is an idea gotten from a limerick “The Floorless Room” by Gelett Burgess. Likening ‘room’ and ‘floor’ to the society and its foundation, an installation will be represented utilizing the gallery space that has a courtyard.

- - -
Ryo SHIMIZU "something about a room not having a floor"

Term: May 1st [tue] – 28th [mon], 2018
Open: Fri – Mon [Closed: Tue – Thu] ※ Open everyday until May 7th
Hours: 11:00 – 17:00
Opening Reception : 15:00~, May 3rd [thu, hol]
185-1 Okawa, Higashiizucho, Kamo, Shizuoka, Japan 413-0301
Tel: +81-3-3574-0545

Solo show “grassroots prophet”

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I am having a solo show starting from 16 January to 15 February at LOKO Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

This exhibition is also the first exhibition of "Displace" the gallery curated two solo exhibitions by Japanese and Israeli artists as the partnership program of The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions "Invisible".
The title of this exhibition, "grassroots prophet" (nameless prophet) came from the idea that I thought of about "a reverse causal relationship", that is, the past has no influence on the present or the future, and if the future is affecting the past, how ordinary people like us influence the past?
In this exhibition, I mainly considers the interviews with "Wansei"(Japanese who was born in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial era) whom the artist met during in the artist residency in Taiwan. I will also show a session with a Wansei, Ms.Yoko Nakada, known as "Reverse singing grandma" and the video work in the installation using the multi-layered structure of the gallery space.

Ryo Shimizu
grassroots prophet

16 Jan. Tue. - 15 Feb. Thr. 2018
Open: Tue- Sat 11:00 - 19:00
Closed: Sun, Mon

Artist Talk
10 Feb. Sat. 19:00 -

Yebisu International Festival
for Art & Alternative Visions 2018
"Mapping the Invisible"
The partnership program “Displace” vol.1

Commission work: いもやゐも蔵

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