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a hole surrounded by the raptors and the lambs


Site-specific installation
at former Kato liquor shop, Fuji-city, Shizuoka, Japan
(Fujinoyama Biennale2014)

静岡県富士市 旧加藤酒店

This exhibition space is old wooden storage of a liquor store built in Taisho Era (about 100 years ago) near Fuji station.
I created a site-specific installation piece based on research of the Fuji Airfield that was built during the Pacific War.
The piece consists of videos, photos, drawings and the deep hole digged in the exhibition space.
Fuji Airfield was constructed in 1944 under the order from Military which cost the forced removal of houses and the mobilization of construction workers widely from local citizen, students, Chinese and Korean people.
The airfield was used as junction and also one of the training fields of Akeno Military Flight Academy for aerial combat trainings. According to the records, trainings for Kamikaze suicide crops were conducted there at the end of the war.

[ Participants ]

Former Kato Liquor Shop
Ikeda Shoes Shop
Yoshio Kato
Hitomi Sano
Keigo Shimada
Kenji Takemura
Yoshihisa Tsuchiya
Ryusuke Fukasawa
Kazushi Matsunaga
Noriyuki Mochizuki
Kazuma Yatsukura
Ryuzou Yatsukura
Katsuhiro Yamazaki

Workshop “Digging a hole”

[ Participants ]

Ryohei Suzuki
Kazuyuki Miyamoto
Katsuhiro Yamazaki