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altering letters

PVC sheet on pillars and floor
Variable size


Altering letters, site-specific installation piece which invite viewers to wander in the uncertainty of signs.The architectural structure such as wall was covered with texts written with characters created by the artist.

These characters are originally from Japanese writing but it's altered and deformed into another signs through the process of removing strokes from the original shape.The gallery space will be filled with unfamiliar writings which seems like Japanese but strangely resembles other language at the same time. The extracted strokes are scattered in the space.

This space will bring a opportunity for the viewers to stretch their understanding of signs and the space as well as to examine the act of reading / seeing.The excess amount of uncertain text may reconstruct the environment we inhabit. The experience with it possibly leads to a journey in a metaphysical landscape.

The text is a fictional story created by the artist. It's based on his personal experience.