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hearing snow "Bird's-eye view of Mt. Makihata"

聴雪 -巻機山俯瞰図-

Burned PVC sticker sheets with a burner on plaster board, acrylic, thermochromic paint
(Commissioned work at Satoyamajujo THE HOUSE IZUMI)

(里山十帖 THE HOUSE IZUMI でのコミッションワーク)

This commissioned work is in an inn available to only one group per day, in a renovated old private house in the city of Minamiuonuma, Niigata Prefecture.
Mt. Makihata is one of the Japan's 100 most famed mountains and a symbol of Uonuma, an area with snowfall among the world's heaviest. It is depicted here in a bird's-eye view.
The ridges are arranged with groups of text taken from Bokushi Suzuki's "Hokuetsu Seppu" and Kyuya Fukada's "100 Famous japanese Mountains," quoting the thoughts of the writers themselves when climbing Mt. Makihata and conversations with local climbers met at the summit.
Each of the character groups has a thickness of about 3 mm. Depending on the distance between the work and the viewer, the characters may appear as expressions of the snowy mountains or may be read as text.
Heat-sensitive paint gradually reveals and hides coloring in line with indoor temperature environment changes dependent on season, weather, and time period, creating changing expressions.