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place, altar, relocate

置く 換える 移す

Mixed media installation
Variable size
(Arafudo Art Annual 2014)


The Baba Family's main house was built during the Edo era (200 years ago) in Nango-mura, a mountain village of south Fukushima. It was relocated to Fukushima Folk House Park in the center of Fukushima city in 1991 and has been open to the public since then.
It was the residence of Torahei Baba who was a farmer and also herbal doctor. Baba family lived for generations in this respectable farmer house.

Folklore has it that the chief priest of the shrine and the villagers fought together to protect the village from a specter called Shogen Muroishi who transformed himself into a bear and had been attacking the village. It is also said that Torahei contributed a great deal in the battle against the specter.

Based on the fact that more bears are sighted as the aftermath of radiological situation and the changes in farming caused by the prejudice against Fukushima, a fictional story about a bear is created by the artist.Rumors, reality and the folklores in each location where the house of Baba family located now and before are woven into the story and its elements are orchestrated into a spatial installation.