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A bird's-eye view of Nakaizu "Shojijisso-gi"

中伊豆俯瞰図 -声字実相義-

[ Commissioned work ]
8,200 × 4,000 mm
PVC Sheet
(Cooperation of map production:Masahiko ITO)

[ コミッションワーク ]
8,200 × 4,000 mm

From the fall of 2020, I began meeting about once a month with specialists from the Izu City Museum. This led to a request to create a wall-mounted installation that would become a permanent work of the museum.
Due to the nature of the museum, we thought the work should have a relationship with Izu and, if possible, also have a connection to the works in the Cliff Edge Project. I proposed a design that takes a bird's-eye view of the Izu Peninsula as its motif, performed live production during the exhibit period, and completed the work.

The bird's-eye view of Nakaizu depicts the topography of the Izu Peninsula centered on Nakaizu, particularly the chain of eroded mountains in a "J" shape surrounded by 13 volcanoes, the flow of water from those mountains, and the Omi River and the Kano River that flow northward to Suruga Bay. The artist (Shimizu) was in his mother's womb when his parents lived in Nakaizu, was then raised in Kagawa, then physically traveled about Izu in the process of creating the Cliff Edge project... Against this backdrop, the work reveals a scattering of brushstrokes that quote from the Shojijisso-gi of Kobo Daishi.