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The landscape of pray like original


Mixed media installation,
Variable size
(collaborate with Lin Shu Kai(林書楷))

ミクストメディア インスタレーション
(Lin Shu Kai(林書楷)と協働)

I tried to find a possibility of a shape of pray like original through the process of the dialogue with Taiwanese artist Lin Shu Kai.
This work consists of traditional everyday objects in Fukushima, lots of molds which Shu Kai has, soil, woodchip and left wooden materials of the past exhibition at 182artspace and surrounding scenery.
We constructed the space by putting these object on the composition which we reconstruct from the left wooden materials after carefully sanding.
In other words, this work is exactly the traces of the dialogue with two of the artist.
The viewers will walk around this installation through the seeing juxtaposed objects and surrounding scenery such as a ruined temple and old buildings.
In this act, the viewers will come face-to-face with the each juxtaposed objects through the process of looking toward the Fukusima, thinking about something and so on.
This space will bring a opportunity for the viewers to stretch their act of praying and the space as well as to examine the act of seeing.
We thought this is the landscape of pray like original. It is always in the mind of the viewers already.