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transient yet permanent structure


Video installation, 3ch HD video, stereo sound
Variable size
(Fujinoyama Biennale 2016)

ビデオインスタレーション, 3ch HD ビデオ, ステレオ

Ryo Shimizu's video installation explored ideas about Mount Fuji as an object of worship through the framework of the lwabuchi Torii Ko, a traditional Shinto ritual that takes place every twelve years in the Year of the Monkey. In the lwabuchi ToriiK o, localr esidents around Yasaka Shrine in the lwabuchi area of Fuji City create a new tori i, or wooden shrine gate, and carry it from the shrine to the top of Mount Fuji to replace the old gate.In terviewing people involved int he ritual,S himizu illuminated the various ways that Mount Fuji is revered.

In cooperation with Takashi Hokoi
Chinese Subtitles: Chenran Lily Ikeda