置く 換える 移す

place, alter, relocate


There was a specter called Shogen Muroishi living near the Gigantic Stone located in the outskirts of the village.
It gave great anxiety to the people. Several rumors spread through the village.

The chief priest of the shrine in the village headed to the Gigantic Stone to do something about this problem.
He made a deal with Shogen Muroishi to assure the safety of the villagers.
In return, the chief priest was transformed into a bear.

A few days later, a bear have come to roam in the village. 
Out of fear of encountering a bear, the villagers began to carry bear bells.
Their hatred for the bear grew day by day.

The bear roamed only when the village is quiet such as in the midnight or early morning.
The bear looked around the village furtively but never attacked.
After a while, the bear came to hide in an empty shrine.

Torahei, head of the Baba family, was a farmer and a herbal doctor.
One morning at dawn, Torahei saw the bear walking towards the shrine in the outskirts of the village.
The bear looked back and gazed anxiously at the village at times.
He seemed heartbroken.

The villagers had been planning to get rid of the bear.
They decided to carry out the plan at the festival of harvest moon.
Herbal doctor Torahei was asked by the village mayor to poison the rice dumplings.

The day of the harvest moon came. 
The villagers surrounded the shrine to keep the bear cooped up in the main hall.
Torahei was ordered to put the poisoned rice dumplings in front of the main hall.
Torahei suddenly had a doubt " this bear might be the chief priest of the shrine ".
Torahei tried to convince the village mayor to abort this plan.
Torahei's effort didn't bear fruit. 
Torahei was suspected as a specter and expelled from the village.

Torahei headed to the Gigantic Stone in the outskirts of the village.
Torahei served sake and rice dumplings to Shogen Muroishi. 
After eating poisoned rice dumplings, Shogen Muroishi thrashed about with pain for four days.
His scream echoed through the area and the Gigantic Stone split into two. Finally, the curse of the specter was broken.

Around that time, the bear was all tied up to a tree and burned at the shrine.
At the moment when the curse was broken, the bear transformed into the chief priest. All of the villagers ware stunned.
The heavily injured priest left the village without being seen.
"I should not make the villagers being racked with guilt." He murmured.
It was a night of full moon.

The villagers found the truth and admitted their fault.
All of them felt a pang of regret.
Not to repeat such mistake again, a monument was built to pass this story down for generations.