KAIR 2023

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オープンアトリエ | 9月24日 (日)
展覧会期間 | 10月29日 (日)~11月5日 (日)、11月11日 (土)、12日 (日)
アートツアー | 10月28日 (土)*時間・場所未定

I have been selected by the KAIR2023 Program to perform residency based in Kamiyama(Tokushima, Japan).
I will stay in Kamiyama from the end of August to beginning of November.

Event Schedule
Period of stay | 28th August – 6th November
Open studio | 24th September
Art tour | 28th October
Exhibition | 29th October – 5th November , 11th &12th November

※ The above schedule is subject to change.
※ Further details will be announced later. Please check our website for updated information.